egg hunt… take 1


On Saturday, we took Abby to a church around the corner which was hosting a big Easter event, complete with bouncy houses, crafts, and an Easter egg hunt. Of COURSE I was more excited than my daughter! Especially since she wasn’t feeling well.

Since it wasn’t officially Easter, I couldn’t put Abby in her most fab Easter dress. I had to find another little somthin’ somthin’ for Abby to wear, and I pulled out this little beauty of a dress from her closet. Bonnet? Check. Baby? Check. Off we went.

We crafted. I haven’t done too many crafts with my daughter as of yet, but its probably better off…the minute we put our little animal together, she started taking it apart. (Remember former preschool teacher…its about the process, not the product 🙂 ).

She bounced. Not too stable on the inflatables yet, but she enjoyed herself.

Then came the "Big Hunt". We came right in time to miss the first hunt for her age group, so we had to kill a lot of time, considering she wasn’t feeling too well. It was a cold, yucky day outside, so the hunt was going to be held inside a SMALL classroom. I should have known by the size of the classroom, the span of her age bracket (0-5 years), and the fact the the church’s middle schoolers (no offense to ANY of the fabulous middle schoolers we know) were running the event, that Abby’s first Easter Egg Hunt would end like this…

Oh well. It was a precious time, and a great learning experience. Next time, Mommy and Daddy are coming with THEIR pockets full of eggs!


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  1. Abby, there is still next year. There will be many egg hunts in your future little one. And you will be bouncing all over that house!!
    Love you honey

  2. Oh! What a sad Easter Basket! 😦 I doubt it would have occurred to any other parent that they might need to bring their OWN eggs to an Easter Egg Hunt! :p

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