egg hunt… take 2


Sunday, we had a wonderfully busy day. We all had to be up early to get ready for our responsibilities for our church service. Josh had to have his music in order and slides done, among other things. I had to make sure the nursery was set up and staffed. Abby had to look cute…which was a challenge, considering she wasn’t feeling the part. But, not to our surprise, she was pretty excited to put on her new "pretty", a dress that her Great Uncle Phil got for her a few months back.

After a WONDERFUL church service, and an equally wonderful time in what Abby calls "baby church" (no we didn’t teach her that…she came up with that on her own), we headed home for Abby’s nap. After nap, we went over to the Klocke’s house where we shared food, and played a little Wii. Between all the attention Abby got from all our friends, and the time she got to play with Riley, she really enjoyed herself, in spite of her feeling yucky.

Then came the REAL hunt. After lunch, we scattered about 2,000 eggs throughout the house, and told the girls to have at it. Yeah, I fully expected for them to be running around the house, filling their baskets. Again, another learning experience. Turns out, they were more interested in enjoying one egg in particular…the one filled with bunny crackers…then they were at, essentially, cleaning up the mess we had made.

After their impromptu snacktime, they caught on, and we have some great memories of Abby’s first REAL Easter Egg Hunt.


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  1. I love that she calls it “baby church.” It’s amazing what they come up with. My mom put chickie crackers in one of Rayah’s eggs. She thought that was super fun until they were all gone. 😦 She only got 2 eggs this year. Next year will be fun.

  2. The girlfriends did enjoy their time together, albeit on the softer note…..still loved the nuance of the “easter hunt” that actually had EGGS to hunt!….

    they are so cute together and very sweet of Riley to collect the eggs for Abby….that’s what friends do when one is not feeling that well….Thank you sweet Riley!

    Uncle Phil scored with the “designer red carpet number”! OMGOSH. Abby, who are you wearing????

    Delicious and precious video! and loved Abby’s “baby church” comment! just as she feels, In my opinion only, that the “baby potty chair” is just that…She seems to want to pass go and go directly to mommy and daddy’s potty!

    What a way to ruin a beautiful EASTER wrap up with potty talk.


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