s.l.o. with m.o.m. (part 3)


The gorgeous drive that takes you to San Louis Obispo is part of El Camino Real (or King’s Highway). This is the historic route that Spanish missionaries took on their journey to establish missions and convert Native Americans. I have traveled on this highway about every day of my adult life, and never realized its significance, nor did I have any interest in the 20+ missions that are dispersed along its route. Its also marked with these cool bells that I just assumed were an archaic version of the modern day call box 😉 .

So, now that I am in Washington, I seem to have more of an interest in California history (go figure), so we took a little tour of the Mission in SLO.

A little history…

Asked if we could walk through the chapel…it was beautiful.

The grounds were also lovely.

So cool to see such an historic building. I’m at the top of the stairs…what a hitter 😉

It was all such a wonderful experience BEFORE I started to capture another one of my epic videos.

I needed a little pick-me-up after almost impaling myself and my unborn son on the bike rack, so we got a little of this in Santa Barbara on the way home. So YUMMY!!!

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for such a wonderful, relaxing getaway. Now, bring on baby!!!


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  1. ERIN!!!!! That incident with the “videography” could have been soooooooooo dangerous! so glad you survived, did you? from the near disaster! oye!…all moms never stop worrying or mom in laws!

    The presentation of S.L.O. brings back so many wonderful and happy memories of going to that church quite often..All of our cousins went to CAL POLY SLO and we all gathered quite frequently for events and graduations, etc…and each time got to attend this quaint but beautiful and historic church.

    Thank you….look forward to more videos! xoxoxo gdell

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