shoo flu


So, the flu has hit our household in a bad way this past week (no, not the little piggy kind). So much so, that I am writing this post from the hospital where Abby was admitted this morning. This is our second trip here this week. The first being on Tuesday night, where she was given some help to stop her vomiting, and started on a Pedialyte regimen (which we had already begun that morning). But, this little bug has persisted with a fever on Wednesday and diarrhea all day yesterday and through the night. We saw her family practice doc last evening who said, "This is a flu that is running its course". Well, the course proved to be too much for our little girl’s body, and in spite of drinking insane amount of unflavored Pedialyte, girlfriend could not put in as much as what she was dishing out.

What compelled us to head to the ER early this morning wasn’t the fact that we were changing a diaper every hour, but that Abby had completely turned into a different person. She basically stayed up all night, (chanting, yelling, crying) for any form of liquid she could think of. And every time we would visit with her to change her, she would suck down a sippy-cup full of Pedialyte, then beg for more, in a "Rain Man" sort of way. No, this is not normal. As we came to find out later, an imbalance in her sodium and chloride levels was causing her to drink but never be satisfied. One nurse was so impressed with how quickly she was able to put away her beverages, he insisted that she was training for a future of frat parties. I don’t think so.

At any rate, here we are, and my heart is filled with joy, because, after 3 very long days of unrest, both my little girl and her incredible father (who has become a home to another frustrating virus of the head/chest cold type) are sleeping. Sure, their heads are resting on waterproof pillows, labeled PROPERTY OF EVERGREEN HOSPITAL, but they are resting. Abby is snoozing away, amidst the beeps and noises of the pediatric wing (which, if you know this child, she does NOT rest when there are people around), and in spite of her arm being strapped to a board, the color is returning to her tiny cheeks and I am able to be calm for the moment.

Thank you all for your love and prayers and we’ll keep you posted.

First trip to the ER just after getting a little dose of anti-nausea meds. The nurses couldn’t get enough of her little Crocs and tiny gown.

Second visit, early this morning. Not so much fun.


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  1. Wow….I imagined what she looked like but did not know how shocking it is to see our little “activit y center” strapped down with a board and an IV……and her little face looks as she feels…wow…!


    I can’t say too much. Too… way too sad. I wish I could trade places with her….I love you Abby. Please stay strong!




  2. Oh my goodness thanks for the update. I’ve been so worried since I heard of the 2nd trip/admit. Keep us all posted. The Williams are in my prayers!

  3. Just praying she is well on her way to recovery. What an ordeal for ALL of you–with love and prayers. We need some sunshine and FAST!

  4. I’m so sorry to hear about how sick she is with this flu. I hope that this hospital stay will be the last! Glad to hear that she is sleeping and returning to “normal.” Hang in there friend!

  5. Sweet Erin…Thank you for the update. I will keep you in my prayers. I am crying as I read this, just imagining what you have been going through. I pray that you are able to get some rest as well. Blessings of healing on you all. We love you and will hold you up in prayer. Give her hugs from us…

  6. We are praying that she feels better soon! So sad to see her laying there like that! What a nasty little bug she caught!
    You, dear Erin, need to rest. It’s hard being wife and mommy and taking care of yourself too, but you need to stay well! Hope to see you soon!

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