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As predicted, we came home today around noon. Abby is doing pretty well, but still has the flu. However, the doctors were confidant that she will get through the rest of this virus well with all the fluids they filled her with.

Yesterday was emotional on many levels, but what caught us completely by surprise was how much Abby wanted to sleep. Unless she had a soiled diaper, we had to wake her up to interact with us and to get her to eat. We’re used to chasing (or being chased by) this little girl…not being able to watch her sleep for hours on end.

We also weren’t prepared for what 24 hours of IV fluids would do to our little girl. After a few hours of treatment, at one point I looked at her sleeping to see that her eyes were almost swollen shut! I mean, like Rocky swollen. The doctor explained (and I won’t say this right, I’m sure) that her body was so depleted, that her muscles were having a hard time taking in all the fluid, and excess fluid just found its way to her face, among other places. We took this picture after some of the swelling had gone down.

Sure enough, she is looking a lot more like our little girl since we’ve been home. Now we are getting back into our routine. Its gonna take a few days for Abby feel like her old self, which means a few more days of living with an INCREDIBLY temperamental toddler. But, obviously we will take this over the alternative.

Now, what have fairly new parents Josh and Erin learned from this experience?

1. Wash your hands often.

2. Wash your toddler’s hands often, especially since they are teething and prone to cramming their hand in their mouth.

3. Vomit is germy, but diarrhea is VERY germy and more contagious (as we learned when all the nurses gowned up from head to toe just to come into our room to check Abby’s IV status). My dear husband has been on a 3 day, around the clock, laundry spree to eliminate anything that could possibly be poopy.

4. Wash your hands often.

5. Hospital coffee in the Seattle area is probably better than hospital coffee anywhere else.

6. Wash your hands often.

7. That couch in the corner of the pediatric hospital room that’s supposed to double as a bed…doesn’t.

8. Wash your hands often.

9. Sleeping in the same bed with a toddler who is used to sleeping alone is not a particularly enjoyable experience.

10. Wash your hands often.

11. Even 2 liters of Pedialyte over the course of a day is no match for some bouts with diarrhea. Listen to your child when she is begging for fluids, and listen to yourself (the parent) when you feel its right to head to the ER.

12. When your child is sick, any (text, call, Facebook message, Tweet) of encouragement can make you break down at any moment. Thank you all for your love and prayers.



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  1. Progress….but still so concerning. Love you all and please just take care of each other….!

    I love you and feel sympathy pains … Abby, you are very brave!

    Parents , GOD BLESS YOU!

    grandma dell/

  2. Your poor, sweet girl. And you poor, exhausted parents! Matt and I are SO glad that you are all back home, that the doctor’s figured out what was wrong and just what it was that Abby needed.

    Oh, and I am SO glad that you emphasized handwashing … you can’t emphasize that enough! 😉

    Again, we’re really glad you’re back home.
    Matt & Erinn

  3. I am so glad you guys are home. Abby, you are a brave little girl. We are still praying for you honey!! Love you guys and WASH YOUR HANDS!!

  4. In honor of Abby, I have been “running” to the facility pretty consistently since Friday night. The skin on my hands is about to fall off from all the washing! We will keep praying for you all…..and due to my current position, I can’t blame Seattle for all that you have been through. Stay strong and know you are loved!!!

  5. I am so glad she is home and feeling a little better! How sad to have a sick toddler! I hope your hubby is feeling better too! You are all still in my prayers! Hope to see you soon! XOXO

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