don’t kick your sister


With Abby being so sick lately, she has decided to make herself a part of my anatomy. This is obviously a challenge, since I’m already holding a rocking-rolling little one in my pelvis. I remember reading a Berenstain Bears book growing up that was all about the arrival of Sister Bear, and over the course of the last few weeks, I am reminded of how Mama Bear’s lab grew smaller and smaller as Sister Bear grew in her tummy. Till one day, Brother Bear fell right of of Mama’s lap.

Abby has yet to fall off my lap, but let me tell you, there is no comfortable way to hold a clingy, sick toddler right now. And I think baby Zack feels my discomfort, as he is in the habit of kicking like crazy whenever Abby is lounging on my tummy.

So of course, I have to smirk at how our boy has already begun to push back against his sister, and am realizing that it really won’t be too long before I will experience the challenge of helping to nurture a peaceful brother-sister relationship. Oh, what fun!

(By the way…we are having a baby next month!!!)


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  1. wowzers. One month away. That’s insane! I can’t believe how fast your pregnancy went. (probably didn’t feel that way to you, but just being a part of your blogging community—wow!)

  2. We all are very proud of you, Erin…You are definitely handling motherhood in such beautiful and selfless ways…as the definition of MOTHER requires. but not all of us can master it as well as you are doing …


  3. I remember that book! Now I wish I would have bought it months ago to read to Kaeden during this time. Although he acts like he understands, he still wants to climb into what is left of my lap. It is definately uncomfortable cuddling a toddler when you have “a party in your belly”. I am so glad that little miss Abby is starting to feel better. You all have been in my prayers.

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