to the very special moms…


…Who have blessed our lives.

There have been fewer times since we met Abby that we have felt more like parents than over the last couple weeks, with all the sickness that we have had in our household. Josh and I found ourselves operating on auto-pilot more often than not, and "did what we had to do" for our family and our sanity.

I want you to know, Moms, that I have thought of you SO MUCH throughout this period that will one day be only a memory. It was rough, but I found so much strength in your encouragement, your words and phone calls. However, I found even more encouragement in knowing that, at one time, you were in the trenches as we were…and am amazed that we were none the wiser, completely unaware that when we were sick, you probably were to.

Thank you for "doing what you had to do" during the crazy times of mothering me and Josh. My eyes are opened more and more and more to the sacrifices that you have made raising your children.

We love you,

Erin (& Josh)

Me, Abby, Zack, and Zump…on the mend.


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  1. Such a beautiful photo…very very heartwarming and special.

    Great job, Erin ! You are one very LOVING mother.


  2. Thank you honey for that tribute. Will you stop making me cry? We moms love you guys so much!!! Great picture also.
    Have a great day!!!!!!!
    Your Momma

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