you’re not alone


Parenting your first child is like no other experience in the world. One minute, you are beside yourself with utter joy at something your child has done. The next minute you might find yourself on the verge of tears because of something your child has done.

Today, I realized what groups like MOPS really exist for: to remind you that you’re not alone. If that is the ONLY reason that I get up a little earlier every other Tuesday morning for, then that is enough. Hearing other moms share their experiences, who have been "there", is the most restorative, healing thing that any mom can ask for. Advice is OK, but the "Oh, I remember when my child did that…" stories are what really revive me on a rough morning.

Abby is a toddler. My head (and every book you could possibly read) tells me that her newfound need for independence is a normal and very healthy part of development. But, some days, it rocks me to the core. And I am left wondering if she is the only one. So, on a morning such as this, to surround myself with other mommies, who are parenting toddlers now, or who had decades ago, was the best thing that could have happened today. I am NOT alone in this task. I have a renewed perspective…and right now, I am feeling so THANKFUL for my little girl, who is challenging me to take a good, hard look at myself, and who is making me a better woman every day.

And I cannot say enough thanks to every mom that has come around me, who, when given the choice to give advice or share their story, have chosen to share their, "Oh, I remember when…" story.

Happy Mothering!


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  1. I am right there with you Erin. One minute LB is as sweet as can be and the next minute a little pill. And too be honest it won’t necessarily get easier when little Zach gets thrown into the mix .

    I still find myself longing for the next stage when he will no doubt be this well mannered, potty trained, perfect little angel who will clean up his toys. At MOPS last week our mentor mom reminded us all to cherish these times with our toddlers. It is a hard time but before we know it they will be in school, in college, getting married, etc. This “season” may seem long and oh so challenging to us while we are in it but this too shall pass. I am really trying to stop and just soak up everything about LB right now. He is already not the “baby” anymore and seems so old.

    I love to hear other mom’s “I remember when” stories too. It seems right when I feel alone and that my toddler must be the only kid who does ____ that God really puts another mom in my path, in my day to teach me something, offer up support, encouragement, or advice.

    Hang in there! 🙂

    Know that I am thinking about you and praying

  2. Remember Jack at that age? I had and continue to have challenges with Jack and just when I think he has made it through one thing, here comes another. Hang in there my friend…they say (whoever they are) that it gets better with two…when Zachary is older, he and Abby will play delightfully together and won’t drive you crazy anymore….that is what I am told??? Alas, Jack doesn’t and probably won’t have a sibling, so you are one up on me sister! Love ya and really, do cherish every moment, no matter how challenging, because it does go by quickly…Jack is almost 4…Yikes!

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