sleep a wink


It began with my engorging myself on two too many decadent brownies at my ladies Bible study . . . which sentenced me to a few hours worth of reflux . . .which probably contributed to the strange dream I had during the half-hour portion of the evening that I did sleep, involving ankle-nibbling snakes (which dream-Josh chivalrously conquered) . . . which led to my waking up, kicking the covers off my dripping-with-sweat legs (because it was a whopping 55 degrees in our bedroom) . . . at which point I realized that my son was performing his own version of "One" from A Chorus Line, high-kicking his little legs into the right side of my ribcage and tipping his top-hat into my bladder . . . which led to at least 3 trips to the restroom (who knows, I lost count) . . . which gave me plenty of time to think about the kindness of an old friend and wonder how she’s doing . . . during which I was listening to the sounds of my toddler through the monitor, periodically searching for her "nuk" and talking in her sleep about coloring . . . which finds me downstairs, on the couch, at 4am, getting ready to give it another go.

Goodnight . . . err . . .Good morning.


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  1. Your creative, but rbased on a true story, writing was so magnificent, I laughed all the way throughout the story, and not once did I realize this is my Daughter in law speaking from her actual experience!!!

    This would make GREAT sitcom T.V. !!!

    Yay, Abby, it’s good to know I am not the only one who speaks out in the dream tunnel!

    G Dell

  2. Oh and Happy 21 month old birthday, Abigail! Sorry, I am a couple days tardy on that.

    Love you…!

    GDELL xoxox

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