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I’m convinced that the “condition” of pregnancy is one of the most challenging to wrap your brain around. Here, you spend close to 9 months, dealing with a few, it not ALL of the most random symptoms (some of them very debilitating, mind you) all the while you can’t really complain, because of the most incredible end result. And the crazy thing is, you would do it 5 lifetimes over for that child.

We had our regular check-up yesterday with my OBGYN (or Doctor Vagina, according to Abby…don’t ask) whom we LOVE who reminded me that its ok to HATE being pregnant, and then proceeded to raise her hand in the air, and “confess” that, as an OB, she HATED being pregnant (which she says is like a cardinal sin to admit). I sat there on the fabulous stirrup table, close to tears as I reminded her that women don’t typically talk about how much they hated pregnancy, then she reminded me that parents also don’t talk about their children when they’re bad, even through you know they are on occasion. I needed to hear that.

So, I need to confess… I HATE being pregnant, and 6 weeks to go DOES feel like an eternity. While my husband and all my fabulous girlfriends around me think I’m “so cute”, I’m done and just want to hold this little baby IN MY ARMS!

Well, here’s my question. We have a lot of readers to this blog, and I’m sure many of you are women who have had children. Be honest…did you LOVE or HATE being preggers.

Please comment! Oh please. This is totally FMI (For My Information), the morning after another sleepless night. Help a Sister out!


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  1. i have never been pregnant. but i have watched friends and family be pregnant, and i can empathize with them and with you to some extent. hang in there. the reality is that six weeks is a long time, but really, not that long, and soon, baby will be on the outside, and you get the crazy challenge of raising him up too. 🙂
    mmm… maybe i’m not helping much… at any rate, i want to ask why abby calls your obgyn dr vagina. i think that’s hilarious. 🙂

  2. I’m an guessing josh taught Abby that one….Just think 6 more weeks and you get to see you little sister….Hope that helps 🙂

  3. Not to steal the comment thread, but I think you are the most amazing woman in the world. It was good to hear Dr. Vajayjay say that stuff yesterday. I know that touched your heart honey. I guess I could have just told you this, but I thought leaving a comment would be cool too. 🙂 I love you. And….you still look so cute pregnant. 😉

  4. Although I enjoyed being pregnant the first time, I HATED being pregnant the second time! Everything about it was frusterating. I was so excited to be NOT pregnant that there were times I forgot about the end result. (TERRIBLE!!!!!) Now that she is here (not to rub it in) the pregnancy is begining to be a distant memory, although I wont forget it.
    You are going through so much more than I did and you are handling it so gracefully. You are amazing!! 6 weeks will be over soon! (and I will be back at work already … SAD!)

  5. Oh, and you look way cuter than the picture you have in this post. You do pregnant very well, even if it doesn’t do you well!

  6. when CAM was 17 days past due….maybe I could say…that I was NOT LOVING it at that point!…I DID NOT NEED A TRAY TO EAT OFF OF….JUST MY TABLE OF BABY!

    ALMOST 10 lbs. and looked like 3 months old when born…BUT, I guess I am wierd as I liked alot about pregnancy especially when you feel the baby move inside..(or in your case, Erin, play soccer!!!)



    Love and hugs…



  8. I reallly enjoyed being pregnant, but…I didn’t have any of the typical issues, but I did have to have an aversion and an emergency c-section…so both challenges to the end of the pregnancy…I was also 8 days late, so I was “done” when my due date came and went.

    Hang in there sweetie…All will be wonderful when your sweet boy will be in your arms and screaming 🙂

  9. Can’t say much. Your mother lied though. She was a wonder during her pregnancy. Love you babe. So looking forward to seeing you, Josh, whatshername, and Zack.

  10. Even though I had pretty easy pregnancy’s I didn’t really love being pregnant. I hated complaining about being pregnant since I was never sick. I kind of felt like I should suck it up since I didn’t actually have it too bad. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind having another child but I don’t really have a desire to be pregnant ever again. How’s that for honesty?!?

    And what is with the Dr. Vagina?!!? LOVE IT!!!

    I hope the rest of your pregnancy passes quickly. Maybe your little dude will arrive early!

  11. Well, I don’t know how it will be with a second pregnancy—not pregnant—don’t read into that 🙂

    I LOVED being pregnant for the first two weeks, didn’t love it once week 5-13 hit, but then LOVED it again.

    Some of the things that are keeping me from being preggers again are the pregnancy symptoms—I don’t want the morning sickness, fatigue etc…while working full-time and coming home to a very needy toddler at home. It was one thing to come home and crash the first time, but I don’t know how easy that will be the second time around….

    All of that to say, I can totally understand where you are coming from….

  12. Although my pregnant years are a ways behind me, I still remember them like yesterday. I LOVED being pregnant! In fact, I have been known to say that if I could just ALWAYS be pregnant then my life would be great!! You see, for whatever reason, all the hormones and such made my body work right. I never felt better and I actually was able to lose weight-go figure…The only bad part was having to wear these stupid elastic bandage type panty hose the entire time to supposedly help with my varicose veins. Tonya born in June, Bree in September so the hot weather with thick panty hose…ugh!! The killer is that the results of testing over the years has shown that wearing those panty hose did absolutely NOTHING to help the vein situation…Lovely! You are the darn cutest preggers mom I’ve ever seen Erin and it’s a small price to pay for the results at the end!!! Love you honey

  13. You are all so wonderful for sharing your stories. I LOVE hearing about how everyone else has handled this time. EVERY story is different…every BODY is different. Just another picture of how unique we all are. I especially love hearing about pregnancies from a few years back. Grandma Dell…there is NO WAY my doc would lot me go 17 days past due!!! You poor thing! And Barb, panty hose for for V-veins. I’m so sorry!

    Thanks for sharing and keep the stories coming 🙂

  14. I also loved being pregnant (actually I had to be reminded that I was pregnant). I, like Barb also lost weight. Had I known that that was all that it took I would have 20 kids. 😉 Being a mom is so much better then being pregnant.

  15. Erin, honey….those were the “olden days”….when they believed…”he will come when he’s ready”…..

    I actually begged for a C-section….(almost begged..) but they did FINALLY induce me…and that was really JOYOUS!…from no contractions to HOLLA…………….! and on top of that, the room was a 2 x 4 and of course, it being JULY 21st, in SoCal..the A/C decided to go off…and guess where the vent was?????????????????? YES! in my room right above my bed..AND YES…THE MAINTENANCE HAD A LADDER AND IT WAS BUSINESS AS USUAL..! I was hooked to fetal monitor, a bed pan, and IV Pitocin…and could not move…

    Now, then….there was a monitor to see when and how the contractions were going..(LIKE I NEEDED A MONITOR FOR THAT!!!) hello!!! I peaked every other minute…and I will not forget the moments when nurses, doc and husband..were just staring at the monitor saying…WOW, LOOK AT THAT ONE, THAT WAS THE HIGHEST YET! Could I make this up???? no.

    “Don’t worry about me, people…I’m fine…in pain? NAW #*&^%$#@! After all of that, I was moved to surgery to be given an epidural and then try (like I wasn’t before) push this little “ANGEL”?? out! this time with no feeling….just sensation..and having to “VISUALIZE”…pushing…FUN TIMES!

    After a few more great hours with my doc and his posse…Cammie finally decides…I THINK I’M READY NOW, EVERYONE….HERE I COME! and so he did…YOWZA! I’m thinking…uh…where did that epidural go??? and what can we DO about it? But then all was wonderful…even after listening to his stats…which were HIS HEAD AND CHEST CIRCUMFERENCE MEASURED THE SAME…! In essence, I delivered a 9LB 80Z SQUARE OF LOVE!

    okay…sorry…..somethings you never forget and I can’t believe after 27 years, I remember every detail…


    Whew….got out of that one…Erin, and friends. please forgive the short novel…I guess I am still in need of therapy! ha ha

    CHATTY xoxoxoxo

  16. I hated being pregnant so much that I don’t think I’m going to do it again. I just have to convince my husband that this is the best. Perhaps we will adopt once. I always wanted a big family but I dread the idea of being pregnant. I’d rather do labor 10X than be pregnant once.

    And by the way- You go girl! I can’t imagine being pregnant in this heat. Please tell me you have an air conditioner. This is my first summer here (from KY) and this is unbearable for me and I’m not pregnant!

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