Abby found a paint brush and loves to hold it in her mouth for long periods of time. Ironically, when I took this picture, she was really into her Baby VanGogh movie. Pretty cute.


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  1. I think she is contemplating her next “Van Gough” to paint herself. She is such a character…goes to the beat of her own drum. for sure!.. I would LOVE to be inside her head/brain and see how exciting it would be to live there…! ALWAYS something grand and unexpected!..I LOVE THAT!

    So cute! and yes, is she 10 already? NO? oh, just seems that way!

    aGAIN, ERIN, you capturing just the right moment…so amazing at that…and that, my dear, is YOUR creative gene at work!


  2. This could be my second favorite Abby pic of all time (impossible to rate them)… #1 is posted in my Facebook album…such attitude, and in complete control…so much going on in that active mind, yet so externally tranquil…no one need ever fear that idleness will welcome mischief with this one…too busy cogitatin’!

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