one of the kids


Abby’s really starting to enjoy interacting with kids of ALL ages. She just loves being wherever there’s a party. This morning at church, we found a soccer ball, and before we knew it, all the kids were kicking it around…including Abby. The kids at church, while most of them are older, love playing with Abby as much as she loves playing with them. They’re so gentle, and very protective of her. Here’s just a little video of the kids playing after church was all set up. Of course, by the time I grabbed the camera, most of the action had stopped, but you get the picture.


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  1. Erin….I am smiling the whole time while watching this …

    First of all, Abby’s skirt and top …too much!…and then all of those children are the SWEETEST ever!…they love Abby like she is their little sister!..

    Dean’s little guy was ever so watchful of Abby going on the wet grass…what a SWEETHEART!!!

    Honestly, all of those children and people you know are AMAZING and it’s no wonder you love your life so much up there…

    Thank you for sharing this…I am uplifted once again!

    Love you all,
    G Dell

    p.s. Abby will be great at soccer…without hands, right? ha cute..but accurate…at this point in time, they want to pick the ball up…but it won’t take long…She is in SUPER GREAT COMPANY.!..I could not be happier! xo

  2. Oh my goodness, I think Abby is a better soccer player than I ever was. That one little girl for sure is better than I am. She’s Brandi Chastian, I’m the one with two left feet….

    Dean’s kids and everyone calling “Abby” are so precious. I love being a part of this Pathways family – because it truly feels like a family.

  3. ABBY: ” Uh, where are the cheerleader tryouts? Oh, over there on the lawn! Good. Good. I’ll be over on the lawn. Very well then. Soccer, yay!”

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