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We’ve got some wonderful friends staying with us for the week. We have known the Shrader family for years, and have been friends, students, coworkers, babysitters, teachers, employees to various family members at various times over the last 15+ years. So getting to have them stay with us and show them "our" stomping grounds has been a real treat. They came up to see our good friend, Forrest, get married, so what a blessing to us that they needed a place to stay…and that we live 20 minutes from the wedding site and Forrest’s lovely fiance.

Being from Arizona, they (well, mostly Mollie 😉 ) have been a little disappointed that we have had some GORGEOUS warm sunny weather since they’ve shown up. But, the sunshine made our trip to Pike Place that much more enjoyable.

Knowing it was gonna be a little crowded, we decided to ditch the stroller and wear Abby. We realized this was the first time in a LONG TIME that we had pulled out the Kelty Kids carrier, and Abby LOVED IT! She was in heaven being on Daddy’s back, and able to see all the sights at the market.

We had a little picnic lunch with the family and some other friends on the lawn across from the market, the perfect place for a little family pic. Abby is so enjoying having some "big sisters", that I’m pretty sure she’s not gonna let them go without a fight (or at least a temper tantrum and some tears). Thankfully, they will be with us till Tuesday, so we will be able to have a little more fun before they go. 


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  1. Just make sure you send them back to us 🙂 Joshua might have to fight Abby for them if she tries to keep them there 🙂

  2. Oh, such a wonderful shot!…Hal and Chrissie, your little girls are young beautiful ladies now!..oh, still beautiful as ever and as far as I am hearing from ABBY, the BOMB! So happy for you all to spend some quality and FUN time together…The day looked spectacular and you all looked beautiful!

    Erin and Josh, thanks for sharing…LOVE IT!


  3. helloooooooooooooooooo shraders ( said like i’m calling out from one end of the tunnel… or something like that … ) (now, huge, hyper wave)

    if you could wrap your mind around that picture… 🙂 more power to you.

    anyways, i’m glad they’re with y’all this weekend. 🙂 tell them i say hello from the deep south (thus the far away echoing type of hello). 😉

    miss y’all so much… take care!!

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