can’t wait…


My official due date is June 28th. Something tells me (chasing a busy toddler, unseasonably hot weather, swollen hands and feet) that Zack and I will not be one for that long. Can’t wait to meet our little man!


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  1. Little Zack will come and be welcomed when he is ready…I know MAMA is ready already, right, Erin?

    We will see you on the 23rd, if the Lord agrees…Really exciting times..

    Love you all
    G Dell….xoxo

  2. Bristol is excited to meet her friend 🙂 I really feel for you in this amazing weather we are having. I know it seems 20 degrees hotter than it really is. Stay cool and rest

  3. I’m sure you must be SO ready for Zack to arrive 🙂 And Matt and I can’t wait to meet him, too!!! I just hope her comes either on time or a little early .. or else I might be in Nicaragua when he gets here and then I’ll have to wait more than a WEEK to meet him!! 😦 SO excited for you guys!!

  4. Erin darling,

    Hang in there! This is a tough season to be pregnant in…The best part is so CLOSE!!

    Miss you guys and hope you are doing really fabulously.

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