busy bodies


We’ve had so much going on the last week and a half, and so many pictures have been taken, but I am exhausted. So rather than do a whole bunch of posts, here’s the lowdown…

A tour of Starbucks corporate, thanks to Carrie

A bachelorette party that ended in a trip to the hospital. Ok, actually I had to leave when the party was just getting started. Just a few too many pre term contractions.

A trip to the market…

The wedding of our dear friends, the Fowlers

A visit to the Needle

A knock on the door and surprise visit by my best friend from So. Cal…

A heat wave and a trip to the lake

Lots of time for Abby to share her Mommy with a baby boy…

A taxi ride through the mall…

A delightful baby shower for me and little Zack, thanks to the Nussbaums

And a Daddy who can’t wait for more moments playing with a baby girl AND boy.


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  1. WOW! so much to see and love all in one post! I think I have died and gone to heaven!..I have missed you all so ….and it was great, Erin, for you to take time , that you have very little of, to put these up for our viewing pleasure.

    The newlyweds looked absolutely radiant..beautiful bride! The Shraders visit looked like a blast..what a beautiful family.

    and your trip to the hospital…YUK! scary ……!
    but, dahling, you looked mahvelous!..that is what is most important, right? with earrings and all!

    NOW, THE MAN, ABBOTT! OMGOSH! COULD HE BE ANY CUTER!…I think he is one hunk of love dove!

    Abby looked absolutely grown up and beautiful , more beautiful! i cannot believe she is wearing “flip flops” already!…wow…I better see her soon before she graduates from H.S. !

    thank you, sweetie…! You made one grandma pretty doggone happy!

    Grandma Dell xo

    P.S…Joshie and Erin , you look so wonderful with some sun! Josh, you are tan already! Yay for the sunshine…

  2. I seriously JUST posted this for you, Grandmas. I had a feeling you’d be waiting 🙂

    We can’t wait to see you both, and love all over you (oh, and get loved on as well).

  3. You are busy at 9 months preg. Now, rest until Zack gets here…or go for a jog, do jumping jacks, go up and down the stairs a million times..yadda yadda. I know you must be ready 🙂

  4. Lesalynn and Erin, could you wait until the 23rd to do the aerobics??

    I do know I am being selfish and for that I apologize; however, the request remains.

    bad grandma dell !

  5. Ok Adelle, I wont suggest aerobics again until you get here. 🙂 You aren’t a bad grandma, you are like every loving grandmother that is excited to meet their new grandchild!

  6. Hi Lesalynn…..how is Bristol doing? She is absolutely darling. and big brother? Is he all over her and anxious to help momma? I hope to get to see you all when I arrive there.

    see you soon!!!

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