a little note to a little man


Just wanted to let you, Zachary, know how your first week has been.

You have the cutest little face and you make people smile when they hold you . . . especially when you smile at them. I know its not gas, cause you do it most right after you’ve had a little snack and you’re content. What may be cuter is when you scrunch your forehead up like a Shar-Pei and purse your lips for extended periods of time (which I still haven’t landed on whether you doing Magnum or Blue Steel).

For the most part, you are a wonderful nighttime sleeper. Even though, more recently, you like to wake up one time, to nurse and poop for a couple hours straight. I will take that over more frequent awake time, so keep up the good work.

We found out that your beautiful olive complexion is due more to a little jaundice than your Italian-ness. However, you pretty much are a mini-me of your daddy, so odds are, you won’t need to duck out of the sun like your sister and mommy have to.

Your sister really does love you, but she sometimes has a hard time sharing her mommy and daddy. She is demanding to be the center of attention, only cause she’s used to it. I promise she will start acknowledging you as her little brother soon. For now, she really enjoys “holding” you, pointing out your face parts, and giving you gentle kisses.

You have (pleasantly) surprised your mommy and daddy with how much hair you have. That is something that both your parents are lacking in a bit, so we are hopeful that you never have to deal with that issue. However, what is even more precious are your fuzzy shoulders and back. Only now does your daddy have that problem. Looks like we may be buying you a razor a little earlier than we planned.

Your parents ARE NOT skilled in the area of changing a little boy’s diaper. About 30% of your diaper changes provide us with a little shower, and we can’t seem to catch it quickly enough. It actually makes us giggle most of the time, except for the time you peed right in your face. Sorry about that little guy! We WILL get better at this.

You met your doctor yesterday who thought you were the cat’s meow. And since the rest of the staff loves seeing your sister, they couldn’t wait to meet you as well. The doctor let us know you were at fit as a tiny fiddle, and you’ve even managed gain back your birth weight, which is impressive for the first week. To the chagrin of my anatomy, you’re a good little eater, but we’re finally starting to get in sinc which makes nursing more and more precious.

Your whole family loves you very much, even though we are just getting to know you. You have had a very special visit with daddy’s mommy and aunt, and your mommy’s family is just waiting on pins and needles to hold you. AND there’s a whole bunch more family members, in far away states, who have sent you and mommy and daddy their love, and a church family close by who also loves you without even meeting you. What a blessed little guy you are!

We thank God for you, little man, and can’t wait to get to know you . . . and for you to know your family. I think you will like the 3 of us. We’re all a little nutty, sometimes a little anal-retentive in our own ways, a little dramatic, but we love to laugh and to make people laugh, so I hope you like tickles, impersonations, and dry-humor, cause we do that well.

Well, I should end this (lest I lose the support of the FABULOUS friends and family who read this blog).

Love you Handsome Boy!


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  1. Erin, blog for as long as you want – you’ll never lose this reader due to length 😉 And loving laughter and loving people trumps being nutty, anal retentive and dramatic any day of the week 😉

    we love you guys!

  2. Loved your post Erin. Zachary is definitely a loved little guy and very blessed to be added to your wonderful family. I’ll bet he’s already changed from last week when I saw him….Love you all

  3. Your beautiful words let us share a small part of how much your heart is overflowing with love for your son as well as Abby and Josh, too, Erin. I love to read your blogs–your sincerity and candor are an inspiration to me. we love you all so much!
    (Don’t think you can ever get used to the “surprises” at diaper changing time!)

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