meeting the new baby


What runs through the mind of a toddler when they are introduced to a new sibling? As a parent of multiple children, I understand now the agony of purposefully ruining your child’s life as they knew it. I was sharing with a friend that, even while I was in labor and pushing, I was thinking of my little girl . . . my baby girl. So, when it came time for her to meet her brother, Josh and I were a nervous wreck. And, in all honesty, it did not go too well. We cut this video short when Abby completely melted down in the hospital room. There was no consoling her, and she threw an impressive tantrum to boot. Thankfully, the super sweet hospital staff was completely understanding, and offered her treats, a “big sister” bracelet, and gave Josh and I plenty of reassuring “it’ll get better” looks as we carried Zack (and wheeled a sobbing Abby) out of the hospital.

But, this video does capture a sweet moment, as our first baby is trying to get herself excited about our second baby. Enjoy!


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  1. Abby wants to hold “IT”…! so adorable…I miss her and Z train so so much…and you and J also…never forget that!

    too many feelings to speak…love you..


  2. I totally feel you pain, having also just taken the spotlight away from my first born, and it does get better 🙂

  3. Joshie and Erin…I cannot stop watching this adorable video..! Abby has sooo many emotions and she handled herself so well..due to you and Josh’s example and gentleness.

    I just love when she says “HI” to Zachary and was trying to be sooo brave when you went to the bed!…That breaks your heart, right?

    But all is well now..Just much I love this clip…I want it show Abby and Zack later..

    Love you

  4. You’re right G. Dell. She is trying to be so brave. Thank goodness she is liking the little guy more and more, and realizing that she is not being replaced. But I can’t imagine what was going through her head the moment she met him.

  5. When I view it over and over, I get such a sense of her maturity in trying to be so excited and yet overcome her visual of her latest visit to the hospital , non of which was pleasant for Abby. and couple that with this new little person who is suddenly not in mama any longer but out and to stay!….I think she is amazing! and How you and Joshie handled the entire thought out process, was so thoughtful of Abigail…

    If you didn’t already, I sent you an email from Aunt Rita and Uncle Ross re: their comments on that video also…Please read if you have a moment…

    So proud of you all and my prayers for continued blessings with your GIFTS from GOD!

  6. Erin that is a precious video of Abby meeting Zack! i love it! You and Josh are amazing parents and I hope i gain some of your parenting wisdom in raising our little one! Love you both!

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