not so itty bitty baby girl


For this mom/blogger who struggles with perfectionism, its driving me nuts that I can’t blog in real time and share what’s happening in our lives. But, seeing as how life is a little crazy now, I have to be ok with posting these random, stream-of-conciousness, "here’s what’s been going on the last few weeks or so", posts.

I WANT to share with my family and friends all the changes that have been happening around out household since we became a family of four. But, I will post more on that later. What has been on my mind even more, is how much my little girl has grown in the last couple months . . .

Physically . . . she has gone through the biggest growth-spurt yet, gaining a "ton" of weight, skipping shoe sizes, and turning her adorable tops into belly shirts and making high-waters out of all the jeans I JUST PURCHASED. We’re pretty sure she’s a little tall for her age, as she’s been looking eye-to-eye with 2-year-olds for months. She still does the "eat one day . . . starve that next" thing that toddlers are famous for, but there is no question that she’s not getting what she needs to grow.

Cognitively  . . . (and this is the one that’s a little crazy for her mommy and daddy) she is learning so much. She talks NON-STOP about everything she sees and hears. Recently, we have confirmed that she knows her shapes, her colors, how to sing her ABC’s as well as recognize letters (she was spelling Vivanno off of Josh’s work shirt the other day), and how to count to 20 (minus the 4). She has started singing entire songs, and loves dancing and listening to music . . . especially hip-hop 🙂 .

Emotionally and socially . . . she is transitioning into her role as a sibling. This has, by far, been the toughest challenge with bringing Zack home. At first, the sight of my holding her brother would send her into a fit of epic proportions. But, every day (with the occasional off day) she seems to be more and more comfortable with the little man. She isn’t too interested in helping me with him yet, but I know that time will come. She is referring to her brother less and less as "baby", and more and more as Zachary. She even seems to be enjoying riding next to him in her new stroller. She is also starting to tap into her inner maternal self, and recently began breastfeeding her teddy bear. (Yes, I will do my best to get this on camera, but won’t make any promises 😉 .)

Spiritually . . . she has been taking more and more of an interest in her Bible stories. This is so exciting for us to watch. What’s even more precious, is that she is enjoying her prayer time. Without teaching her, she will bow her head, and as we pray, she will move her head up and down and back and forth, and say "yeah" over and over again, just like she’s in church. I’ll bet if we gave her a handkerchief, she’d start dancing around the room, praising Jesus.

I am amazed at how much my relationship has changed with her, and with all these changes she is going through personally, there are days when I feel like I don’t know her at all. But we are sure appreciating our alone times together (when neither she, nor I, are throwing a fit), and I am seeing glimpses of very special times to come . . . no doubt involving lots of talks about feelings 🙂 .


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  1. I love hearing about you guys, you are such a sweet couple and your children are so cute…Cristin and John have a blog and it’s so grand hear about our little guys and seeing all the pictures…God’s continued blessings! Vanessa Poorboy

  2. I’m so impressed with everything you shared. It sounds like she is becoming quite the young lady. I honestly believe so much of that is because of involved parenting and you guys seem to be such great, attentive parents. She is blessed to have you guys. I have been thinking a lot about you…..I hope the transition is going as well as it can be. I know you are probably exhausted too, but just remind yourself that you are doing a GREAT job!!!

  3. Loved reading the updates…even from a couple of weeks ago!

    Just love you all…and miss you like crazy!


    p.s. Erin and Joshie…fantastic journey so far and can only get more exciting!

  4. Sweetie,
    You are such a good writer!! Thank you for the updates. I love the Williams family so much!! EAT RICE!!

  5. isn’t it amazing, erin, how our firstborns take such quantum leaps when they suddenly become big sisters? abby has always been so amazing anyway 🙂 but watching her now just warms my heart!

  6. Love the updates whenever you are able to do them…She is so precious and I am sure she will be a fantastic big sister! I can’t believe that she is almost 2 years old!! Love the outfit too! Hugs…

  7. You need to start writing for a living. You are so good at it, you could do children’s books or be another Emilie Barnes,
    I Love you guys very much.

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