and the rockets red glare


We had no idea what to expect of our 4th of July celebration, now that Abby is aware of loud noises and things that go bump in the night. Last year, I blogged about how people celebrate in our neck of the woods. Its loud people. You don’t believe me? Here’s a little glimpse of our Independence Day. The day started out as peaceful as can be, then the partying began…


(Warning…this is another long video. I won’t be offended…or know the wiser…if you choose to skip around 😉 )


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  1. wow! weren’t kidding about the “war zone” reference!!

    Erin, this video could be a commercial for something…! and everything!…

    so well done and edited and…entertaining at least to me..! of course, I am a bit partial!

    Abby was so cute on the “fireworks” interview!

    and baby ZACK! All I can say is that he must LOVE your milk!..he is so satisfied and can go back to sleep through FIREWORKS!! what else is in store, if he does that already???? only great things..

    Okay, done..! I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xo

  2. Emily watched the video with me. Oddly enough, she didn’t say Abby, but she did say Zack. I think she might have a crush.

    I forgot how newborns sleep like that? WHY during the day though?

    AND MAN!!! Those fireworks were absolutely crazy loud! Glad the kids could sleep through it.

  3. The Williams family has such a nack for putting together clips like this to share! Your videos and slide shows are always very entertaining and touching! I enjoyed this very much. I could leave you the longest comment ever, but will save you. Bristol, however, would like to say that she didn’t enjoy the end of the video, it woke her…for a second. Both my kids also slept through the war zone!

  4. You do such a wonderful job of allowing us all to watch your beautiful family grow even MORE beautiful each day. Thank you for the wonderful–NEVER too long–snippets of your life! We love and miss you ALL so much….

  5. How sweet, Vic..! And you should talk…the recent pics of Jackson are so adorable…I will forward them to you, J and E…


  6. Hi Williams Family,

    We finally got all organized and together and all sat down and went through your blog and caught up. How exciting for you all.Abby is so pretty and looks like quite the personality, Zachery looks like his daddy don’t he, What A little hunk. Mom was really excited to get caught up, dad’s computer needs to be cleaned up he can’t get on anything more complicated then solitare, oh well.
    Hope it cools off for you guys.
    We Miss You
    Love you all
    kellie richard
    clara & george

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