animal farm


Having kids is helping me to really love where I live. We visited the Forest Park Animal Farm on our family day. Its a FREE petting zoo just minutes from our house, and you can imagine that Abby was beside herself with excitement. She enjoyed interacting with the calf and goats, was a little fearful of the horses, repeatedly "neighed" at the pigs, manhandled a poor bunny (kicked it actually . . . we’re working on that), and could have spent all day looking at the ducks and goose.


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  1. You saved us all the horror of the bunny being kicked, I see 🙂 They have fun toys, a splash pad AND a petting zoo. I would say that is fun for everyone! 🙂 Plus, it is litterally 5 minutes from my house! I love going there with Kaeden. Looks like you had fun too!

  2. It’s another wonderful day of exploration for Abby and day out to enjoy with her folks!..

    I love how she wants to touch everything..I still don’t get the bunny thing…I don’t see wear she was kicking it??? it’s probably just me..

    but, Love how she loves the cow and horse!

    bet you all smelled wonderful when you got home, eh? ha ha..


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