caught it!


Our little guy smiles A LOT in his sleep. After patiently waiting through a whole gamut of faces, I finally caught it. 


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  1. SO worth waiting for!…GOOD JOB, Erin..!
    So much of life is TIMING! ha..

    What is our little man thinking about…that he smiles so much!..whatever it is…I am happy!

    Grandma Dell

  2. Josh and Erin, can you believe Zack will be a month tomorrow?? Seems to me, like he did a whole lot of growing in just one month! so precious…I miss that boy!


  3. I love those sleepy little smiles! Wonder what babies dream of that makes them smile? Someone told me once that they must dream of angels…what a sweet thought! (I dont believe it’s just gas!)

  4. But, if you think about it….GAS is not something to smile about…so where did that come from, girls???? hmmmm…had to be a guy that thought of that one!! hee…

    I go with Lesalynn’s assessment…happy thoughts of angels surrounding him…(with huge bossoms…(i.e. ones with milk!) ! sorry…had to…xo

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