i’m on a boat


Last week, we got to go visit with the kids in our youth group while they were at camp. The camp was a ferry ride away, so that was a huge bonus. Abby is fascinated with all things mobile, especially boats and planes, so she was beside herself with excitement on the ride over to camp. It was also kind of neat to enjoy that moment with her, since WA state ferries are a huge part of Western WA’s identity, and this will be the first of many ferry rides to come.

She spent most of the trip in this position.

And of course, Zack enjoyed his view as well…


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  1. Oh, Abby is so funny!…..She freezes in a position when she is either overwhelmed, super stimulated, or just in dream land..

    all of which are super adorable!

    She does love the water, eh guys? Man, she says so much without saying anything..

    Love these photos and of course, little guy ZACK doing something very very unusual! I don’t think I have ever seen this position before!! LOVE HIM!


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