birthday bug


I took a little break from blogging because we have been SO BUSY with life. Its all good, but busy.

The Gin’s came to visit us and meet little Zachary, and we had a wonderful time playing and hanging out. Of course, Abby and Carter were the center of all of our attention, as they ran around the house, copying each other (good and bad) and just being so cute. (I’ll try to share some more pics from our last week soon).

We are finally getting into somewhat of a groove with the little man. I didn’t say we were on a schedule yet, but Josh and I have started to really learn how he ticks. It helps that, at the magic 6-week mark, he started to become super interactive, smiley, and really enjoy looking around. We are starting to catch up on our sleep, and feel less and less like we just sucked down a bottle of NyQuil all the time.

The big news of all is that today is our baby girl’s birthday . . . and she’s sick! Its hard enough to try to get a two-year-old to get excited and comprehend her birthday. So, amidst the chorus of "no, no, nos", eye rubbing, and the constant need to be immediately picked up or put down, we tried to make today special for her. After our early attempts at getting her into her adorable birthday outfit, crown, and "Its my birthday!" button, we settled on letting her determine what her day would look like.

It consisted of a trip to the mall play area (which, ironically, is probably where she caught this bug), a homemade pizookie, opening some gifts, Skyping with family, and fingerpainting with her new paints.

In all, I think she enjoyed her day . . . and will enjoy feeling better even more.


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  1. Oh Abby….It looks like you had a fabulous birthday…! I am so happy you did so many fun things. and a Homemade Pizookie! wow!

    I love the fingerpainting easel…that is really awesome. And the outfit you picked out yourself….very very wonderful..!

    We were so happy to skype with you and Our wish is that you get better and better…

    Good luck with the doctor’s appointment tomorrow, okay?

    Know that we love you very much..

    Goodnight our little precious “2” year old!

    Great Grandma Yolly; Aunt MaryAnne, Uncle Phil, Uncle Cameron, Aunt Lacy and G. Dell xo

  2. Looks like our little girl had quite a fun-filled day on her Birthday. Hard to believe she’s 2 already–can only imagine how YOU must feel. So glad to know Zach is settling in a bit–you are real troopers…the love shows and that’s what counts! So proud of you and we love you so much! xoxo

  3. you and i both love homemade pizookies, abby!! i’m so glad you got to enjoy yours and have a happy birthday even WITH that bug. hugs to you and hope you’re feeling better! :-)))

    p.s. (shhh, this is a secret message to your mom ~ tell her i finally got to buy my camera!!!!)

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