birthday cuties


This year, we wanted to celebrate Abby’s 2nd birthday a little more low-key than last year. Since our friends were coming up to meet Zack, we decided to have a joint birthday party for both Abby and Carter, who will be turning 2 in a couple weeks.

The "party" was as low-key as it comes. We went to the children’s museum for the morning, and brought along a picnic birthday to eat in the lunch area . . . complete with birthday crowns, cupcakes, and candles. Cara and I were pretty proud of ourselves for pulling together, what we thought, was a great little birthday party for 2 great little kids. But the museum employees were a bit concerned with the amount of party we brought. We were told at the door that we could not open presents at the museum, and all parties were to be scheduled in advance. We informed the woman that our "party" consisted of two toddlers and their parents. This was not your thirty-kid, pin-the-tail, party. She let us come in once we left the presents in the car, but met us again downstairs once we started pulling out the cupcakes and reminded us, once again, of their "no impromptu party" rule. So, needless to say, we were a little miffed. But, we nodded gracefully, and held our breaths, and found ourselves whispering the Happy Birthday song to 2 kids who really had no idea what was going on, and were being forced to wait through a song before they could dive into the pastries in front of them. But, amidst the stress of trying to show our kiddos a good time, lugging items to and from the car, nursing our littler ones on the oh-so-ergonomic stools in the lunch area, and reminding our cuties of just how cool they looked in their birthday hats, it was a day to remember.

The birthday Prince and Princess at the water play area. We did decide that Carter’s little crown could make one have a sudden craving for a Whopper Jr.

The adorable little birthday boy . . .

 . . . and girl.

Later, we went home to exchange gifts.

Carter got to open his first, and sadly, Abby wasn’t too excited to part with it.

While he is being trained to cheer for the Angels, he loved his news batting helmet. How stinkin’ cute is he?

Then the kids got to open their new backpacks from Auntie Cara and Uncle Jeff. Abby loved her "cool backpack" (said with a Jersey accent).

I love the look on Jeff’s face as we make the kids model their backpacks.

Can’t wait for many more birthdays with you, sweet girl!


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  1. Oh, wow!..It turned out to be a wonderful IMPROMTU birthday celebration, I think!

    Everything was so adorable and the backpack photos were too much!…such a super idea, Cara and Jeff…

    Very very sweet and still I cannot believe they are two already!.

    I am getting older!….and older!…xoxoxo
    thanks for the post, ERin…loved it!

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