smell the roses


I’ve got a lot to process through right now . . . who doesn’t? While I’m playing with Abby, I sometimes find myself staring off into space, planning the next thing. Or I’ll be nursing Zack, and realize that my jaws are clenched tight, as I’m thinking about the day’s schedule, or what the calendar has in store for us. But, today, I was wrapped up in a moment where I was talking to my son . . . and he was talking back. Well, cooing, rather. We were having a conversation about who knows what, and it hit me, again, how times like that can NEVER be retrieved. And in that moment, I interrupted our conversation, apologized, and told him that I was present. My jaws unclenched, and I let my little boy’s smiles sink into my heart.


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  1. zack……you melt my heart!…I love you so very much. That pic is now my background photo ….and is one I will refer to at least once if not 10 times a day for JOY!..pure JOY!


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