Its been a while since I posted some of the adorable and quirky things that Abby is saying now. To start, she loves learning new words. Also, we are realizing just how much she picks up from us, whether or not we’ve purposefully taught her.

"take care!" (What she says when she’s walking away from you, just after she said "goodbye")

"oh, sorry" (Whenever she bumps into something/someone or they bump into her)

"good chob" (Which is "good job". She says this one with such inflection, and loves to pump up her dear ole mom and dad when we do something kind or good)

"close your eyes, Daddy" (On days when Josh gets up really early, he can get pretty sleeping in the car. I guess I have told him on more than one occasion to close his eyes, and Abby politely instructed him to do so from her carseat, when she saw him yawning the other day)

"hi big boy!" (How Abby often greets her baby brother)

"hi sister" (Another greeting for Zack. She hasn’t quite gotten the whole brother/sister concept)

"I love me, you love me…" (Which is Abby’s version of the classic Barney song. If that doesn’t exemplify the toddler worldview, I don’t know what does).

"oh my gosh!" (Which is what she quickly blurted out when she almost tripped off the bottom step of our porch. Guess its really time to start minding our Ps and Qs)


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  1. Love to hear these things…so so adorable and as sweet as can be…I have been so impressed with her “manners” from early on..she is very sensitive to others, which is the most I WOULD ever ask for in a child. That , to me, is first and foremost in his/her character.

    God bless you Abigail Marie. I truly love you with all of my heart!


    PS. another the NEW DINER, when she blesses Zack when he mid play with her toy…I stopped that and had to rewind it to make sure…then I thanked GOD for this.

  2. At least it’s “oh my gosh!” and not “holy crap!” which my toddler has started saying! AH, kids tend to pick up so much when you aren’t paying attention!

  3. She’s really growing and too smart.

    OBTW. One of the possible (and oldest) origins of “mind your P’s and Q’s” is from the old sailing days. While enjoying the pubs in port, and set to sail early the next day, the bosun would go through the bars and tell the sailors to ‘mind your P’s and Q’s, we’re sailing in the morning.’ P’s and Q’s meant pints and quarts. A little sailor lore from an old sailor.

    Love you guys.

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