island fun


We spent last Saturday on the coast of Whidbey Island with our church’s youth group. Abby LOVES these kids, and they LOVE her, so it was a blast. To make the day even better, she actually took her nap . . . in a pack-n-play . . . in someone else’s house. For our little socialite, this was quite a feat.

This was our first time at the southern part of the island. It was beautiful! And the weather was perfect for throwing pebbles into the water, which Abby would have spent hours doing, had we let her. She and her buddy, Brett, enjoyed some great moments, throwing rocks into the Sound.

Then I got all up in her face with the camera. She was so enthralled with the pebbles hitting the water, I’m pretty sure she forgot I was there.


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  1. Man, what an arm that girl has!…I see Pitching in her future..(or boxing…) but cute is she with her buddy??

    And I LOVE that they love her and are so kind to her…what a bunch of sweet kids!!

    AND the tah dah moment…a pic with the “teens”…! She was “all that”..!!!


  2. The Kuest boys are wonderful with little kids! Especially Brett and Andrew who are always wondering around on Sundays entertaining the little ones! Those boys are amazing! I love having them around for my kids to look up to!!!

  3. Lesalynn…I only have been around them a few times, but they are SOOO impressive in every way!…AMazing amazing mannerly, friendly, sweet, HANDSOME young gentleman….I also am so happy and we feel blessed that Abby and Zack are in such great company…You all included!!!

    Take care..

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