the big game


We posted Abby’s first Mariners experience, and wanted to make sure that our boy got to go to his first game with just mom and dad as well. At the last minute on Saturday, my good friend, Lesa, needed to give away some tickets. Since we took Abby around 2 months old, and since we SERIOUSLY needed a date, we jumped on those tickets. It was a wonderful evening with our little man, and you can bet that Josh is excited about a future full of many more baseball games with his kids.

Guess he didn’t find the game too exciting . . .

Some of the fans around us had a hard time focusing on the game, as long as Zack was awake, smiling and talking. He was pretty stinkin’ cute.

Dianne told us to go get our little man his first game certificate at the guest services office, where she works.

Go Mariners, Go!!!


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  1. Erin and Josh….Is it my imagination or is Zack a year old already!????? !!!

    OMGOSH…he is LOVING his milk!!!

    I cannot even describe my reactions to these pictures… talk about a man with 1000 faces!

    Zack’s Aunt Marianne will fall apart upon seeing these…She is IN LOVE!

    So is his G…and GG…etc…

    xoxoxo to you all!

    thanks for these…a million times over.

  2. That is so very cool! All of you have such big smiles – you can tell Zack was super excited to go and had a blast! 😉 I love all his Mariners gear. Perfect! And how cool is it that they give “First Game” certificates?!? Always helps to have someone on the inside ;p

  3. I can not believe how big your little man has gotten since we were there. He gets cuter everyday! I’m glad you guys got to go. You all look sooooo happy! 🙂 Love you!

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