3 months ago today…


. . . I met the other man of my dreams.


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  1. Hello cute nephew of mine… happy three months… I miss you… Call me whenever Abby is pushing you around….remember i know what it’s like to be a younger sibling to a big bully 🙂


    Auntie Sharon

  2. Hi My precious little man! Grandma misses you every minute !

    You are as sweet as they come!..Even during your intense illness, you smiled! who does that???? strong, wonderful men, that’s who!

    You look sooo handsome in Red! Did you go golfing like you said you were going to????

    Well, I am in California now, but I left my heart in Everett!

    Much love and strong loving hugs!


    P.S. Give your sister a huge smile and kiss for me, okay?


  3. “Hello, Joe…..hello, Mr. Donaghy!!!”

    Great grin…will get this guy most everything he desires in life…hope he has cause to use it wisely, and often…dangerous weapon in the wrong hands, but with this perfect blend of two strong gene pools, not to worry!

    Looking forward to meeting this guy…he says hello, and goodnight to me everyday from my desktop…makes me smile no matter my mood…you guys do very, very good work.


  4. What a smile our little Zach has–those 3 months have flown by, and how you’ve grown, Little Man! Keep up the great work, and share kisses with those other 3 very special people who live with you. xoxo

  5. Wow! Doesn’t time fly? Bristol also likes this picture of her little buddy, she wants to know when they can play soon! Maybe Sunday, if he is feeling better?!

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