Last night, Josh and I were just discussing that we are pretty certain that Zack is not yet too fond of his sister. When the majority of his interactions with her involve not-so-gentle touches and "Hi Zachary!!!" being yelled in his face, who could blame him? In fact, we’ve noticed that his body gets a little tense when he sees her nearby. Most recently, Abby has decided to act terribly two, and has thrown an unusual number of crying, screaming fits. This unnerves Zack more than anything, and within seconds of her wailing, he chimes in with his own heart-wrenching version.  

Well, today he got his revenge. Who happened to be standing under mom’s feet, crying and fussing when I was changing Zack? You guessed it. Big sister who got her first taste of what boys (and their boy parts) are capable of doing. I only noticed he was relieving himself when I saw Abby jump backwards . . . her brand new ice cream shirt now speckled with brother’s tinkle. I looked down at my boy to see him finish the job, all over his poor little face. But was he upset? No. He was as calm as could be, as if he had accomplished what he had set out to do. Pretty sure he felt that peeing in his eye was a small price to pay for giving his sister what was coming to her.


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  1. I LOVE THIS STORY!..but feel so sorry for our girl being splattered! ZACK, Grandma thinks we could be more mannerly , okay? WHAT’S THAT, Z ??? Oh, hmmmmm! well, you and Dad will have to discuss that issure a bit further, okay ?

    Why is it, that the “guys” hold such Power????

    not fair!

    Love you all,
    Gdell xoxo

  2. HEHEHE, that is so great! I am so happy to see Zack can already stand up for himself! Watch out Abby, here he comes!! Can’t wait until he is mobile and we hear all about how he tortures his big sister (sorry Abby, I had to go through getting tortured too, it comes w/ being a big sister to a strong willed little man!) XOXO

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