end of summer fun


Technically, we visited AZ on business. Josh was asked to share some of his knowledge of worship leading with the music team at Trinity Mennonite Church in Glendale. BUT, we made it a family vacation we won’t soon forget. I already shared our LOVE for the pool, but we also got to spend some wonderful time with our friends and family.

We stayed with the Shraders. They made us feel like we were home.

Abby couldn’t get enough of Hal and Chrisie’s precious kids, Mollie and Maddie (once our tiny flower girls).

The kids even took over poor Scout’s favorite spot.

Then we got blessed again with a surprise visit from my mom and sis. It was SO GOOD to see my fam again!

. . . . AND we got to spend time with family friends, Paul and Janice, also from our home town in CA (who happen to be Chrisie’s parents 😉 ).

. . . AND Forrest and Carrie visited from San Diego. How cool is that?

Abby also got to experience a few firsts while we were away . . .

Her first Disney movie (which, of course, she wanted to watch again and again and again . . . thanks Tonya!).

Pretty soon, everyone was sucked into Ariel’s perils and victories.

And of course, her first taste of In-N-Out goodness.

It was a slightly impromptu trip that left us with some wonderful memories. 


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  1. such wonderful pictures that captured a beautiful stay in AZ with dear friends!..

    Yes, Abby’s new best friend, ARIEL! Thank you Madison and Mollie for sharing … she has not been the same since.

    and Tonya for the doll…She doesn’t go very far without her!


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