…and our little merman


Our baby boy LOVES his baths 🙂 .


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  1. You are lucky. Emily HATED them until she was 6 months old. It was horrible. We dreaded the bathtime routine, but some magic switch turned on at 6 months and now she loves them.

  2. I am missing my bath time with this precious child!…He seems to love his bath time..at least very relaxed in the water!…I love that when it happens!..

    AND, he had pool time this summer also…which helps his love of water.

    That back shot….is total revenge material, J AND E..! Cam has one EXACTLY like it..I will show you!..with Cam’s permission, that is!

    Love you all,


  3. Finally…I waited a long time for some evidence that someone in my Sister’s lineage would at least in part resemble the ol’ UNK…now I have it…Z-Train and “the Stump” share the same wrinkled ass! HA! Of course, ‘Train’s will smooth out, while UNK’s will, well, you know….wither away! Great shot…may soon become new desktop pic.

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