so full


That’s how we feel after this week. Our tummies and our hearts are full. Josh’s dad from Florida, and  brother and sister-in-love from California, have come to visit us on this GORGEOUS Autumn week. The changing leaves are ushering in a new season, the weather is cooling, and our family is drawing close. Our cups of coffee . . . and the cups of our souls . . . are spilling over.

The boys.

Grandpa Dave works for the Mouse, and we got some fab tees to show for it.

Josh with two of his favorite people, in his happy place . . . on a Mac.

Abby and Grandpa Dave on a Costco run.

Uncle Cam’s look-alike.

There’s no doubt who the fam was rooting for. Maybe Abby can hand her jammies down to her bro for next year’s playoffs.

A little cup of joe, and some giggles, before heading out for a day in Seattle.

If only we could ALL look this cute in our Space Needle pictures.

Abby LOVED being in her backpack today, and didn’t mind the new vantage point from Grandpa’s shoulders.

The kiddos have been amazing all week, loving all the attention and snuggling.

Lunch on the patio at Ivar’s and mom’s obsession with trying to stay as germ-free as possible this flu season. Yeah, I’m a nervous wreck. 

Lacy, Cam, Abby, and Rachel.

Attacked by some clown.

Taking this picture with people we love NEVER gets old.

At this season in our lives, miles and state borders separate us from our family, but our heartstrings, more than ever, are drawing us close.


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  1. oh, what a wonderful glimpse into your week ~ josh, what a dear, dear gift to US to see you and your dad and brother and son all together ~ abby glows, erin glows, and i’m still smiling from enjoying all the places you visited that i love so much, too. i’m so glad that you all got this time together! 🙂

  2. Erin, God bless you for your wonderful postings..!

    Cannot tell you how much we appreciate your words and pics to tell the story of your lives…PRICELESS!

    Enjoyoed the slideshow and am overjoyed at how everything went!


  3. I was so touched to see the wonderful pictures of this happy Reunion! It looks like such a wonderful visit and we are so happy that good health, good weather and happy smiles were the order of the day! xo

  4. I am glad you had a nice visit with your family! I am missing mine today. 😦

    p.s. Noah loves to ride on the side of shopping carts just like Abby was doing in your costco picture.

  5. Erin, I absolutely love all your pictures and the way that you tell a story in your postings! Your words brought tears to my eyes, your emotion and joy were so evident! Warms my heart today! With all the saddness all around it is so nice to hear such a wonderful story! Thank you!

  6. Should you want to come visit me for the Williams Family & Friends tour, Monday afternoon, Tuesday, and Wednesday are all good days/times. 🙂

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