i heart halloween


I tried to have very low expectations for our first Halloween with two. Abby has been testing us quite a bit this week, wanting things her way or no way. And the little guy has been going through a growth spurt . . . very fussy and very hungry. We had a slightly disappointing beginning to our day, but the evening ended pretty well.

We started out early this morning and headed to a local clinic to get our H1N1 shots. We arrived a half hour after the clinic opened to a line that would have taken us 4 hours to get through. So the thought of waiting in the cold with two small kids was terribly unappealing, and we turned around.

On the way home, we spotted a pumpkin patch, and pulled over. But a muddy field and cold weather kept us from picking. So, we headed to the grocery store to pick up some sugar cookies for decorating, and let Abby parade around the store in her costume. She was the bell of the Fred Meyer, as people pointed and smiled at our little Minnie Mouse, so that redeemed our seemingly endless car ride.

We also found another "pumpkin patch" a little closer to home (aka Safeway) that was giving their punkins away, so Josh grabbed a few for our pie-making enjoyment.

By this time, Abby was rubbing her eyes like crazy, and the baby needed to be fed, so we sped home and had a little lunch. A little icing makes EVERYTHING better 😉 .

After a long nap for the whole family, it was time to get in costume and head to the Mill Creek Town Center, where TONS of little ones trick-or-treat every year, and our church was giving some treats and balloons out. Of course, an hour before we needed to head out, the rain started so I planned on our celebration to be very brief.

Our little giraffe exersaucing…

And with the zookeeper…

Obviously, Zack was not too fond of wearing his costume, but his daddy was THRILLED to wear him. Abby, on the other hand, couldn’t be happier in her Minnie "Diva" costume. She even helped me get ready for the evening.

One of her buddies, Brooke, was also a precious Minnie, so we had to snap a picture.

We also spotted a little Tinker Bell (better known as Madison).

Aside from Abby insisting on wearing my "ears" all night (mine did have a veil on it 😉 ), Abby was such a trooper. She was completely fascinated with all the costumes she saw, and at one point, in her giddiness, she said "Trick-or-Treat! Happy Birthday Momma!".

Zack’s night was not quite as enjoyable. We had to skip a couple naps today being out and about, and the poor little guy was NOT better for it. After nursing him in a nearby bakery, he managed to calm down, snuggle, and take a little nap.

Since Abby knew none the wiser (and it was fricken’ freezing outside), we stayed in the bakery the rest of the evening. Abby was still too little to really enjoy trick-or-treating, but she was able to have her first candy bar. She couldn’t eat it fast enough.

(I love that last picture. It exemplifies Halloween to me. Daddy’s hand, with a balloon tied to it, feeding candy to an exhausted, dripping wet little girl who has yet to have enough molars to fully chew the bar’s nuts and nougat.)

Over all, it was a wonderful day. Any time we have nothing to do but be a family is a good day, no matter what we do or where we go. Happy Halloween!


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  1. could not have been more precious, Josh and Erin!
    Simply adorable…Abby IS minnie! Zacklooked so cute in his costume..at least it was warm for him, eh?

    You guys make every occasion the best it could be, despite weather conditions or anything else!.

    That is what I love sooo much about you all..God bless your wonderful growing family and may each ear be more fun!

    Josh and ERin, looked as cute as could be!..I love that you dress up also!..so fun…We missed you all SOO much today but a had a great day seeing and visiting with our friend’s “babies”..the Gin’s knocked it out of the park!..
    so so special.

    We love you and I am overjoyed ..you can be assured, I will be viewing these at least a dozen more times!


  2. You guys are so clever with your costumes. The girls as mommy and Minnie mice. Clever how Josh was zookeeper, keeper of his little giraffe! Glad you guys had a good Halloween! Time to take down Mr. Bones and put up my one Thanksgiving decoration. Love you!!!

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