We have arrived. We have entered into the "its mine" stage of the terrible terrific two’s. What makes matters worse? If Zack has it, its hers to the the 10th degree. Of course . . . right at the time when brother is starting to be interested in toys. Right at the time when he can finally hold the thing that he’s been scoping out for months. She will march right over and take it. It can be anything. The chain link in his hand, the floor mat he’s on, the swing he’s in. Its all hers.

How strong is her sense of entitlement? Let me give you an example. We brought Abby along with us to Zack’s 4-month check-up. Abby likes her doctor a lot (enough to play "Dr. Price" with her medical kit at home). She did NOT like that we were there for Zack and that HE got to get his heart listened to and his ears looked at. And you know what else she didn’t like? That HE got to get shots!!! She knows what they feel like. She remembers the pain. But it didn’t matter. She wanted them, because Zack was getting his! So, I had to consol my little guy while he was getting shot, and Josh had to take Abby outside to consol her for NOT.

Good grief!


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  1. oh abigail….Zack is here to stay so maybe we should try and understand “sharing”…Ilove you alot and Zachary..


  2. Oh man….I’m afraid for February. We’ve already entered the “mine” stage and everything is “hers” right now. It’s pretty interesting what makes them get so possessive all of a sudden.

    That’s such a funny story about the shots……”funny” probably to us readers….not so much to you!

  3. Oh girrrl! I know that song all too well. Do toddlers get together and have a meeting on the time they’re going to start these new chapter?! At least we have eachother!

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