pavlov’s toddler


Abby has this very cool chair. Its the kind that converts from an infant rocker to a toddler chair. For the past 1.5 years, this is the chair that has given me the freedom to shower, as Abby would quietly sit in it and watch a Baby Einstein. Its as safe as can be, with a little seatbelt and everything. Well, Abby is older now, and I really have no need to strap her in anymore. But the other day, I realized that she has not clued into this. I came out of the restroom to the sound of her grunting and getting very frustrated. She was leaning over the front of her chair, unsuccessfully trying to reach a stuffed bunny on the floor, because in her mind, she was strapped in. So did I show her that she was not belted in? Oh no. Like any good mommy, I stood on the side and giggled for a little while. It was just too cute 🙂 .


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  1. Erin, how is it you can me laugh so hard?????
    I totally envisioned that..and then knowing Abby on top of it, made it funnier!

    Not that she isn’t bright..oh no…just very focused when she watches t.v. and is very unaware of her surroundings! She is such a funny little gal..who I miss more than words can say!

    Thanks for the “giggle” also!…I have been thinking of you non stop! xoxoxoxo

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