pajama party


We had some Hoosiers come over to our house to enjoy the Colts game the other night. It was a wonderful evening. The game was great, the Smith family made an incredible meal, and the Culvers came with Hazel, a friend from Abby’s childhood 😉 . Abby and Hazel were born a week apart from one another, and only get to visit on occasion. This was the first time the girls had ever really played with together, and they had a blast. Their evening consisted of playing alone in Abby’s room for a good half hour, running about 75 laps around the bottom floor of the house, and the excavation of Zump’s catbox. Oh, and of course, they loved showing off their jammies.


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  1. we had such a good time with you guys….wish we could hang more often. hazel LOVED abby so much and has been talking about her all week. not to mention the “kitty witter box”…..she even made her own litter box out of a box for her stuffed cat. can’t wait to see you next month before you leave! 🙂

  2. Adorable !!! I love to see Abby play with other is then, when one can really see the goodness in her heart and her love of people!

    Also, those beads….look like they happen to be her first pick when dressing up!! (or going to bed! )


    Her friend is a beauty! So cute!

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