modern art


Our little guy has been napping a little longer as of late, so Abby and I have had more opportunities to do some more involved activities. So the other day, we pulled out her soap paint and went nuts. (Don’t be fooled. I did a lot of the painting . . . those little bottles are hard to squeeze! But, Abby still had a blast playing in the water and getting messy 🙂 )


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  1. So enjoy watching Abby “blossom”..!

    Erin, kudos for allowing Abby to be “creative” and not obsess over the “mess”…most moms, self included, find that to be one of the major challenges of being a mom and “allowing” the freedom of creativity and all that it entails!..

    With a sense of humor added…all the better!

    LOVE IT!
    and all of you!

    Good Job, Abigail!


  2. P.S.

    I see that Aunt Lacy has been teaching her new makeup tips!…right on, Aunt Lace!


    and also, PROPS to Zack for sleeping a little longer.
    That makes Gramma soooo happy because that means your body is getting all the rest it needs to grow stronger and stronger each day!..

    Love you, little guy!

  3. So sweet! Does that soap paint come off the sink and everything good? Kaeden has “bathtime” crayons and markers. They are supposedly for the bath and are supposed to come off, but sometimes they don’t…

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