day-to-day random pics


Here are some pictures that can’t go un-shown…

Zachary on his hot date. (OK, it was a playdate with precious Nev, and it was only hot cause the fireplace was blaring cause its been SO STINKIN COLD here.)

Abby’s a sucker for big, stuffed teddy bears.

A rare sharing moment for Abby. I’m pretty sure she was taking advantage of the fact that he couldn’t move, and she likes dressing up her dollies.

I read that the average child under four can get up to 12 colds a year. Hey, we’re still under quota! 🙂

Abby in her "funny hat" (an ornament container) and Princess panties.

The sunrise from Zack’s bedroom window. I’m REALLY gonna miss this silhouette…

I remember these lasting a lot longer and going a lot faster. She was not too impressed.

The little stud before church.

Our 2009 family Christmas ornament.


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  1. Oh…my! Such fun to see these…I really Live for them each day!…I LOVE our little Stud Muffin in his Sunday duds!…wow…! But he has “ED GRIMLEY’S hair..! (one of Martin Short’s Characters…)

    All of cuter than the next…Thank you for sharing…I cannot get tired of these EVER!


    P.S. The Zump story being stuck in Abby’s room..and comes out with a Mickey Mouse Sticker…is to die !….Laughed out loud as I was reading it!…she is such a hilarious little girl!

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