miss understood


Life has been super busy, and slightly stressful lately. While Christmas is in less than a week, and we are moving in 18 days, it is our precious little girl that has made life a little more difficult. The fact that she’s two, combined with her not feeling 100%, combined with her trying to process the move, combined with her sleeping in a "big girl bed" has made for a generally unpleasant disposition. We are trying to be super patient with her, and while our heads know that she is completely normal, our hearts are longing to be in the company of our more compliant, sweet little girl. But, as her doctor put it plainly, she is perfectly normal and acting her age.

So, hooray for normal development. Now, where’s the Advil?


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  1. Erin, oh Erin!…Oh, Mother dahling!….be a dear would you, and let Mr. Spielberg know that I’m not quite ready for my close up just yet, alright?…Perhaps in an hour or so, or perhaps not at all…I’ll let him know…thank you…now go.

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