sunday in seattle


My little sister, Sharon, who is pretty much one of the greatest people I know, is up in our neck of the woods for Christmas. My bro-in-law’s family lives on nearby Whidbey Island, so for the last few years, coming up to the Pacific Northwest has been a two-for for the Cook family. We got a chance to celebrate Sharon’s birthday (exactly my half-birthday) downtown, which had decked its halls for our visit. The kid’s schedules only allotted us a relatively brief visit to the city, but we had so much fun.

We met up with Sharon, Wes, and his parents, Dave, and Tina at the Seattle Center. Abby is fascinated by the Space Needle right now, and insisted on saying hello to it repeatedly, and also asked if she could tickle it. Hmmm…

It was pouring when we arrived, so we avoided this awkward interaction with the Needle. Instead, we hopped on the Monorail (which we discovered is actually a 2-rail monorail) and headed over to the Westlake Center for dinner.

After dinner, we went on a little ride on the carousel. Abby was in heaven.

Then the highlight of Abby’s evening came when she spent some time watching and petting the carriage horses. Its not too often we get to hear her squeal with delight, but this was one of those times and my heart was so happy.

The little man was also a trooper, but insisted on staying awake the entire time, which made for one very long, and loud, car ride home.

After we got off the monorail, and tickled the Space Needle (would have LOVED to be a passerby), Josh and I realized that this would probably be our last trip to Seattle as Washington residents. It was surreal, and a little sad, to think that we would be leaving this place that we had grown to love. I know God will continue to bless us with new experiences, faces, adventures, and places to visit, but there is something so special about the place where you really became a family.

Spending time with my sister, however, reminds me that being close to our families is right where we need to be at this season, and I look forward to posting more pictures of our families, rather than for our families.



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  1. You all looked so happy and had such a wonderful time in Seattle! Wow, they really decorated..and I could see how fun it was by the smiles all around, especially Abby!..Man, that was a killer picture!

    Cannot wait to see you all…but happy you had a chance to visit one of your favorite places again before you depart…!

    See you soon and again, a very happy birthday Sharon.

  2. *Frick* this is making me cry, reading about these markers in your life like last trips to Seattle as residents. It sounds like you had such a wonderful time and made some precious, lasting memories. And it makes me happy that you are being confirmed on this new season of your lives. But the sense of loss for me (us) is still hard to feel sometimes. I hope one day to have a family as beautiful and loving as yours.

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