auld lang syne


Happy New Year from the Wills!


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  1. These kids may not have any cheeks left after U*N*K gets through with them…just too adorable, and just possibly the happiest kids in the Western world…can’t wait to snuggle’em up! Get the biggest kick out of the contrast ‘tween Ab’s constant, beaming, twinkling smile, and Z-Train’s eternal look of wonderment! Priceless.

  2. Love this!!! what a great family picture. Happy New Year, and safe travels back to california. Cant wait to finally meet the little ones 🙂

  3. I love how the Spirit of fun and seasons continue to appear amongst the chores and chaos of packing and moving..! Way to go, Williams’!

  4. Thinking along the lines of my sweet cousin–amidst ALL of the craziness of 1) moving with 2) little ones…you still take the time to celebrate life. Your Christmas card was darling–thinking it’s mostly the kids in the pic:-) Counting the weeks til we get to see you all. xo

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