We’ve finally got internet, and now that I am sitting on my corner of the couch, ready to share the latest, I’m having a difficult time knowing what to share. There’s simply too much. There’s been a lot of joy and struggle, confirmation and doubt, rushing and waiting, and lots and lots of transition.

I guess I can always start small with our leaving Washington…

Our dear friends Andy, Geoff, and Jon let us stay with them during our last few days in town, and we felt so at home. We got a chance to visit with so many loved ones, and our friends from the band blessed us with some farewell fellowship and a precious book of memories. The blessings just kept coming as Andy, Matt, Erinn and Geoff helped to make our old house squeaky clean (pretty sure they are still recovering from all the work they did 3 weeks ago 😉 ).

We left for the airport in the wee hours of the morning on January 5, and the kids, from start to finish, were incredible.

Even our fuzzy kid was an incredible traveler (when under the influence of sedatives)…

We left on a gray Seattle day, to touch down in Burbank to some GORGEOUS blue skies. Oh, and it wouldn’t be a trip through the Bob Hope Airport without a little celebrity sighting. OK, I know its  a stretch, but does Hal Steinbrenner count?

Well, I’m gonna do the unthinkable and leave you all hanging before posting pics of our new home. Its nearing midnight and I’ve burned that oil WAY TOO MUCH over the last month. Stay posted and goodnight!


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  1. You two always get to see celebrities! Either I’m not looking for them, or I wouldn’t know one if they came up and hit me in the face. 🙂 I would say he counts if you know who he is. Right?

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