where to begin…


Really, I have no idea where to start. Life is dizzying right now. But, things are slowly falling into place though. There are some days where I feel like I don’t know which way is up. Other days when I am in heaven, watching my kiddos play with their loved ones. Here’s a glimpse of our life…

I just finished the English class I started the day we left Washington (yeah, I’m insane). I’m 3 classes away from graduating, but it still feels like it will take forever. (Senior-itis maybe?) Almost all the boxes are unpacked, but we still have to put up our pictures. The kids and I are taking advantage of the sunshine and walking a lot. We especially love walking to church. Really, it would be a sin to NOT walk with how close we live. Unfortunately, there is a doughnut shop between our house and the church. That could be trouble.

Abby is doing really well adjusting to her new home. It took a few weeks of her following me around the house wanting to be held, but now she knows her way around a little more. She suddenly seems so big to us. She no longer waits in her bed for us to get her. After a few nights of her getting up again and again and standing at her gate, she’s starting to exercise her power for good, and is learning to put herself back to sleep. She is also in love with her brother. She loves to make him laugh, "hold" him, tickle him, and tell strangers about him when they are sitting side-by-side in the stroller. She loves her Sunday school class, and especially loves walking hand-in-hand with her buddy, Carter, to class.

Zack is also doing really well. He cut 4 teeth in the last 4 weeks, and unfortunately, that has made nursing quite frustrating for us both. But we had a breakthrough today, and it looks like we’ll be able to make it a little longer. He seems to be getting happier and happier by the day, and loves to melt people with his smile. He is eating a lot of solid foods, and there doesn’t seem to have an aversion to anything yet. Oh, and he LOVES his alone time on his blanket. He can sit and play with his toys forever, banging toys together, and grunting the whole while. Yeah, he’s all boy.

Josh is loving partnering with Jeff in student ministry, and leading music for the CCC students, as well as for the Saturday night vespers service. He is also working at the Starbucks right across the street from our house. His schedule is NUTS right now, and we’re really praying for direction on how to tread these waters. BUT, God has provided so much for us, in ways we couldn’t have imagined, and we know He will continue to be faithful. And in his spare time, he is loving playing and dancing with the kiddos (Josh and Abby are really into "Fireflies" by Owl City right now…its their happy song).

We didn’t know it at the time we signed our lease, but our house is one street over from Josh’s brother’s house. Uncle Cameron and Aunt Lacy (as well as Auntie Sharon and Uncle Wes) have been able to come over, hang out with us, and inevitably, watch the kiddos while we’ve gotten some work done. The kids are LOVING their family. And we are loving the fact that we can pop in and say hi to Grandma Dell, Aunt Marianne, Great-Grandma Yolly (GiGi), and Uncle Phil. Oh, and seeing Grandma Soni, Grandpa Don, and Aunt Tami at church, well, we are feeling pretty blessed. I think we, as well as our families, are still feeling like we’re gonna hop on a plane and head back home at any time, but its becoming more real every day.

(Here we are outside Cam and Lacy’s house, stalking them shortly after we moved into our house…)

This week, our precious friend, Andy, is visiting with us. We loved showing people around Seattle when they would come visit, so its even more special showing someone around the place we grew up. He’s already humored us as we’ve shown him where I was born, where we’ve lived, where we got in a car accident, where we met, where we broke up, where we got married, etc. Our hope is to take a little drive down PCH and head to Santa Monica before he leaves, and give him a little So. Cal experience. 

Clearly, judging by how long its been since I’ve blogged, and the all-over-the-place-ness of this post, life has been a little more challenging than we planned. We’ve got plans for other visitors in the near future, but for now, it seems like we can only take things day to day, make plans quickly and spontaneously (to the chagrin of our poor families and friends 😉 ), and enjoy the sunshine. We are so happy to be here, but so ready to settle into a family rhythm. But, I know it will happen, and I’m looking forward to the day I need to refer back to my blog post to remember this time.

So, let me ask…do any of you have any stories from your out-of-state moves with little ones? (I can think of a few of you right off the bat.) Will you share?


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  1. It is so good to see your faces!! Glad you are settling in. We are also thinking that any day now you will be on a plane back to WA. Missing & loving you guys from here! XOXO

  2. no out of state moves with little ones, but i certainly have news for you. i’m back too!!! can we get up and meet for coffee or something? i’d love to reconnect, meet the kiddos, and just spend some quality time with you, it’s been way too long. 🙂

    my number 504-235-6676. 🙂 call, txt… i’m up at odd hours cuz my body doesn’t want to let go of new orleans. (like, it’s six thirty on a saturday morning, and i’m up… seriously)…

    glad adjustment is going well, and the kids and y’all seem happy to be here. 🙂

  3. We moved to Colorado the day after Bree turned 2-away from ALL of our family. Bree had been potty trained before we left. The first day we moved into our brand new house, Bree walked up the stairs stood in the kitchen and proceeded to pee on the floor!!Back to square one and she was in diapers again for 6 months…Tonya was 4 and she did pretty well-she loved having other kids to play with in the neighborhood. I spent the first year crying because I had never been away from my family…once I gave that up, it turned out to be some of the best years of our lives. We STILL talk about our time in Colorado..probably like you will always talk about your time in Washington. We, like you, ended up moving BACK to family after 4 years away. That transition was very hard on Tonya-she was in 3rd grade and had been the queen bee in Co.That was not the case here as the pecking order had been established already. She had a really hard time figuring our how to “fit in” as the new kid on the block. Bree had an easy transition back..she started Kindergarten and did great. I often wonder how their lives would’ve turned out had we not moved back…

  4. Noah was only about 6 months when we moved to GA from WA so that transition went pretty smoothly. Could be a totally different story when we move next fall though. It’s looking like our next move won’t be a cross country one. Thanks goodness!!

    I hope you are doing good. I think of you all often!!

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