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So my posts have been so few and far between, and I have missed so much sharing our daily life with you. I really hope to get the blog ball rolling soon, but for now the news has to be really important to post about. Well, I think a first haircut is a pretty important thing, don’t you?

Abby and I went and saw a friend, Stacy, who ended up knowing exactly how to tame the beast (otherwise known as Abby’s hair).

Abby was SO excited about her first time in the salon, on a chair that goes round and round and up and down, and about Miss Stacy using scissors to make her hair beautiful. I’m so glad we waited till she was old enough to enjoy it. She sat so still, and even asked Miss Stacy to comb her hair again before we left. Looks like I get to look forward to many girl days at the salon in the future.

We were both able to get our hair done today. Abby was pretty stinkin’ cute when we came in, and adorable just sitting in that special chair. But, clearly, the older you get, the process of getting fabulous is a lot more involved, and slightly scary (according to my poor son who kept eyeballing me while I nursed him in my foils).

On that note . . . Goodnight!!!


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  1. It was a very special day indeed…so happy I got to witness a “FIRST” with Abby. It was so exciting!

    I am bummed, however, because I cannot open the video…

    Anyway, being there in person was so much more!

    Love you guys,
    G dell…xo

    P.S. Zack was looking around the whole time thinking in his little bubble..

    “so this is what chicks do all day long…hmm…glad I’m a dude!”….

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