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The other evening, Josh and I were huddled over our little guy during his bath time. He was as happy as he could be lying down in his birthday suit . . . enough so that he decided to reenact a version of a Renaissance fountain. The three of us got a huge laugh out of that. Yeah, 2 years ago that would have made me a little frustrated, and I probably would have insisted on drawing another bath. But, time is even more precious now, and heck, what’s wrong with a little warm-up when your bath water is running a little chilly?


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  1. Truer words were never spoken!!!!

    So funny, Erin and Joshie!

    I have a feeling, little Z..will be giving you lots of laughs in the years to come…and possibly some challenges!!!

    YAY for all of it!


  2. Oh so true! You have a way, my friend, to brighten up my day with your blogs. Just wait until he starts DRINKING his bath water. We can’t seem to win that argument with Kaeden haha!

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