family day


We are committed to carrying on our Williams Family Day tradition. While, we are still working on honoring this time more consistently, we were able to do some family day exploring a few weeks back with the Gins. We were still a little shell shocked right after the move, so we let them plan the excursion. We ended up in a part of L.A. where I had never been, and we had an awesome time.

We headed, first, to the California Science Center, located in Exposition Park, right next to the L.A. Coliseum. We were all pretty excited to check out a new, FREE (yes, free) family experience. The kiddos were a little too young to take in most of the exhibits, but had a blast in the little play area designated for preschoolers. Carter and Abby also loved the freedom of running around in the halls and raising havoc…

Zack had a great time also, and at times, could hardly contain himself…

For lunch, we headed to the Grand Central Food Market, also in downtown L.A. The weather was beautiful that day, and minus the traffic, we really enjoyed driving around the city.

We wore all four of the kiddos, which they LOVED…

As soon as we were all strapped in, we headed to a taco stand clear across the market to put away a bunch of asada and carnitas tacos . . . our first since being back home. (Sorry Washington, you just didn’t do Mexican cuisine like I remembered).

On our way home, we took in all sorts of sights, including the L.A. cityscape and a mini tour of China Town.

Did I mention the traffic? We picked a TERRIBLE time to head home that day, and the kiddos held out fairly well, but were both pretty exhausted by the time we pulled up to our home.

It was a great family excursion. We came away with a list of things we didn’t do/pack for the kids to be a little more successful, but got to spend time with great friends, fill our tummies, and explore.

Looking forward to being a tourist again soon!


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  1. What a fun filled day for all! Zack looked a little on the down low; but iwas a trooper nonetheless!

    Abby and Carter could not get enough of play time!

    Great adventure kids! xo

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