taking notice


I’ve been waiting for more moments like these. Where they notice each other, and genuinely want to be with each other. She adores him and wants to make sure he is fed well, safe, and happy. And he just thinks she is the funniest person around, and smiles the instant they see each other in the morning. Yes, we know . . . there will be conflict. But our hearts melt at the thought of them loving, caring for, and protecting each other for many, many years.


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  1. so precious! maybe print this one (or enlarge it!) and hang a copy in each of their rooms, at eye level, for those moments in the future when they need to be reminded of how much they love each other and how it started out. then again, maybe these two won’t even need that!? 🙂

  2. Erin, from being a mom , I can tell you, this is the moment to be treasured…that is why I am SO happy you have moved back here and so close in proxmity to Cam and Lace..

    I have ALWAYS prayed for the closeness between my boys and my dream has come true!..older and wise are they; but they really do love each other and I totally can appreciate this moment with you.

    When my boys embrace in a hug each time they are together and when they part, a huge part of my heart melts..

    So, wth A and Z….the same….I cried a little upon seeing these precious photos…AND, thank you for sharing them with the rest of us…I think Dianne’s idea is fantastic!

    Love you all,
    Gramma — heartsameltin’!

  3. These moments are special, especially when they are at each other throats at times, these times will remind them of how much they do love each other.

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