her majesty


Abby’s really starting to show what a girly-girl she is. Her ONLY interactions with princesses have been through a giant Disney storybook she loves to read, and that Little Mermaid phase she went through a few months back. But now, everything that is good is "beautiful" and "new" (beautiful new bed, beautiful new Go-Gurt, beautiful new diaper), and all flowing skirts and bright colors look like something a princess would wear. In fact, we met her new pediatrician the other day, who happened to be wearing a flowing skirt and "beautiful new" shoes, and Abby really believed she was in the presence of a real princess. She was simply in awe of Dr. Rao, which, of course, made the doctor’s day.

Sweet little Frog Princess!!! 


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  1. abby’s got the swoosh and grace of a princess, all right ~ and just enough twinkle to let you know she won’t be trifled with in HER kingdom! :-))

  2. She is just PURE delight!!!! and my daily vitamin!

    Never get tired of ABBYISMS!


    The FROG hat is a great touch, Abby!….

  3. Holy freaking crap, she is toooo cute! There’s no denying: there is NO little girl like Abby, she is purely and joyfully one of a kind! 🙂

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