lil’ animals


The kiddos and I are keeping busy while Josh is in Mexico with a group from our church. Yesterday, we headed to the Santa Barbara Zoo with some buddies, who’s daddies/husbands are also helping to build houses with Amor. The weather was GORGEOUS, and the kids were absolutely delightful, and had a blast. This was the first time since Abby was 9-months-old that we have been to the zoo, so she was pretty stoked.

We got to hang out with new friends, Melissa, Maddie, and Hudson, and familiar (not OLD) friends, Cara, Carter, and Abbott. We were quite a sight with our double-wides . . .

Girl-Eating-Giraffe (I crack myself up 😉 )

I guess this zoo has the market on tiny animals (again, I am the funniest person I know right now 😉 )

They were PROBABLY most interested in being out of the strollers at the point, but were pretending to be interested in the penguins. 

Sleepy girl . . .

. . . and boy.

Abby, Maddie, and Carter, waiting patiently while I nursed Zachary before heading out.

We left with sun-kissed faces, naughty images of elephants going potty, 6 sleepy preschoolers, 3 sleepy mommies, and a family membership. It was a good day 🙂


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  1. So, maybe I am tired, but you totally made me laugh too. Silly silly girl! I loved this post! I love the zoo! Looks like such a fun day! I am so glad you were able to share it with us!!

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